The flight over

Riding in planes for periods of time longer than 4 hours is seriously stupid. Why somebody can’t just invent teleporting is beyond me. We can facetime, literally have face to face (well, sort of, screen-face to screen-face?) conversations with people from thousands of miles away, we can splits atoms and send humans to outer space, but we can’t morph. The last time I was on a flight this long was from Rio De Janeiro to Chicago about a year and a half ago, after an incredible 17 days in South America. God, what an amazing trip that was. It was truly eye opening. It was the first time I had REALLY traveled. I’d been to Mexico and various cool cities in the US before, NYC, San Fran, Vegas (duh), Chi-town, Maui, but never anywhere where it would offer me true cultural differences. I remember landing in Peru, stepping outside the airport in Lima, weaving through swarms of people who were trying to offer us a cab ride and just feeling scared. Everyone and everything looked so poor. We got in this rinky-dink looking taxi and scuttled our way through the favellas into town. Thank god I was with Eryn and Daniel, two close friends who had not only traveled the world extensively before this trip, but who I have always felt safe around. They’re both a few years older than me and sort of watched out for me thru the years we worked together at Claim Jumper. I feel like I’m the baby bird and always find safety and solitude under their wings. Haha if they read this they are totally going to laugh at me. But it’s true. And I’m grateful for them. Anyways, back to sucky plane rides. The flight back from Rio to Chicago was kick ass. It was 10 hours but it was sweeeeeet because Daniel, the stand-up guys that he is, knows how to take care of his ladies and upgraded us all up to FIRST CLASS!! And it was this brand new plane too so it was like ultra first class x 100. We each could lay down to a full 90 degree angel, were greeted with champagne and sandwiches, drank all the booze we wanted, ate filet for dinner, and sipped corvoissier and liquer for “after dinner drinks.” I was like dude, I don’t even WANT to go to sleep! Looking back I probably should have, instead of bawling during the entire second half of The Help on my personal TV screen. But you know what they say. Yolo baby!!


But really, I know there are people out there who make long trips like this regularly, and idk how they do it. They must have a shady doctor friend who prescribes them ambien or something because idk how you can do this more than once a year. It’s only been 5 hours (6 left!) and I’ve already gone through an entire bag of peanut butter m&m’s (and before you go judging me this is likely my LAST BAG of peanut butter ANYTHING for about 9 months. So ya, I’d say I deserve some farewell PB!!) exhausted my entertainment weekly, watched most of Great Gatsby (I stopped almost to the end I couldn’t take it anymore it was too depressing, Gatsby’s character is just too pathetic to garner my endearment. Let it go dude, she’s married with a kid) And then I wrote two letters on my new stationary that Eryn got me as part of my going away present. That girl seriously blows me away she is so generous and I know she does it only out of the goodness that is her heart. She never expects anything back. She loves giving gifts! That’s what I love about her, has a pure heart. She’s good to be around because you can let go, completely be yourself and you never feel judged, she just accepts people for who they are. She got me so much great stuff for my birthday, and I know she does it just because she wants to. And I really liked all of it! I have the scarf she got me in my backpack, the canteen she got me hanging on the seat in front of me, and various other items packed in my luggage. WOW I go on a lot of tangents I just realized… Okay, focus!!!! So then I started watching Crazy Stupid Love (LOVE that movieeee!!!! Besides the all around greatness that is that movie, I have five words for you, RYAN GOSLING in a suit!) And now i’m writing for my blog. Sorry if you’re still sticking this post out waiting for it to get better because it probably won’t.


I’m the king of the wooooorld!!!! …errr, queen.

My poor lovely mother, she cried when she dropped us off at the airport, I love her so much 🙂

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