Third day

So it’s a new day here in Garrucha. Wooo new day! My third day here in fact. I’ve written much more than I thought I would in the past few days. I think in large part because I’ve been so depressed at night. (Yay depressed = LOTS OF THOUGHTS!) You apply to this program thinking, “Ohhh I’ll go live it up in Spain, experience a new culture meet lots of new interesting people, be adopted into a kind Spanish familia, live an exciting life in Europe and travel the world, while getting some real life teaching experience- despite the fact that is will be nothing like teaching in the States, its experience nonetheless.

I remember arriving in Madrid and ordering a coffee and croissant and thinking, moving to Spain isn’t even hard! This is so easy!



Ha. Ha. Ha. How wrong I was.

Just wait until you get to Garrucha.

Maybe moving to a big city would be easier. I’m not sure. But I’m in Garrucha the smallest town I have ever even been to in my entire life, a place that is nothing like where I have lived my life so far, nor even visited ever, so I am aware that I need to take this experience for what it is and appreciate the diversity.

On a brighter note, (I’m determined to make this post brighter if it kills me) today I went for my first run along the beach. Wooo! You can really go wrong with endorphins.

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