Progress! Yay!

Today I felt better. I haven’t even posted anything that I wrote the past few days because I wanted to wait until I felt better to end my posts on a better note. I couldn’t let my parents read this until they knew I was a little happier. I didn’t cry last night for the first time since I got here. As pathetic as I sound for saying that, it’s true. I went out to Mojacar with my roommate last night and we had a great time. Look! See! I even have a picture to prove it! Oh my God I’m smiling!


And for the first time I woke up in the morning without a knot in my stomach. (Amazing what a little alcohol can cure. Haha, totally kidding. Alcohol is not a solution!) I woke up and actually felt satisfied with my place. Not that I’m suddenly stoked on it or have even accepted it fully yet, but still. Progress. I know it’ll get better.

I can’t wait until I can talk to the locals and have a somewhat half conversation. We played pool with some people last night and my roommate could at least converse a little bit, whereas I can pretty much only ask for things I need.

But I have to say I’m spewing out more Spanish than I thought I had in me in the first place, and I know I’ll only get better if I practice, and I really have no choice BUT to practice since there’s hardly any English speakers here to begin with, so in a way that’s really good. Anyways, I wanted to end my recent posts on a good note. Today I am content and feeling satisfied with going home tonight and watching footloose. Haha what can I say I need an English outlet sometimes. And after a tough, adjustment-filled week, I’m okay with that.

I also was able to FaceTime and skype with my parents and a few friends, and seriously, after this week, I can’t express enough how grateful I am for them. It feels so good to talk and see them and know they’re still going on with their lives and care about seeing and talking to me. I love them so much. Thank you thank you thank you. I would die without you!!!

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