I went out with people (plural), it’s a miracle!

I’m definitely going to steal all my roommates friends, all the ones I’ve met so far and so nice and fun!! I can’t believe I’m saying this because I had such a hard time my first week, but I kinda like it here now!! I’m settling in, finding my routine, there’s people to hang out with now, and we even gained a third roommate for our extra room.


Howdaya like me now world!!?

AND, the thought of spare time doesn’t scare me anymore. (yes!) On Thursday my roommate was like, you’ve got the whole day off tomorrow what are you going to do? And I was like, I’m going to go explore Mojacar Pueblo, by myself! And I am SO excited! Our new roommate ended up joining me after all which was totally cool and we had a great day. We bought candy at the farmers market, took the bus down the coast to Mojacar, and explored the little pueblo town, it was beautiful day.




Last night we went out with some Spaniards to this place in Mojacar (I LOVE Mojacar, pronounced- like I should be telling anyone how to pronounce ANYTHING- “mo-haw-kah”) it was sort of english-geared, there are a lot of British retirees in Mojacar, and it reminded me of some swanky place I’ve been in NYC. Everyone was so friendly, eager to get to know us new Americans and let us practice some spanish, and they practiced their English with us. I had such a great time with them all and I was so glad this girl invited us out and hopefully made a few new friends. I kind of felt in my element again, chatting and drinking wine, sharing pizzas and candy (apparently they serve sugar gummy candies in restaurants (hell ya!) taking shots, and dancing to American disco songs with a bunch of gay guys, haha, how up my alley is that!?? I even learned a little salsa and samba! At least, that’s what I think it was. Anyways, mom and dad, you can exhale. Your daughter is going to survive 🙂 Sorry this post is sorta lame and short but whatever, (I promise the few below have some substance) I really just wanted to announce that I don’t want to take the next flight outta here anymore.


Cuttin’ a rug… Like I said, right up my alley!


I love Jesus 🙂 Too bad he plays for the other team 😦Image

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