It’s funny how many things I’ve grown to appreciate since moving to Spain that I didn’t give much thought to before. While music has always been a love of mine it has since shot to a top spot on my necessity list. I always had music on in the car at home, but here I listen to music all the time. I hope to not need it quite so much as time goes on. Here I have my headphones in my ears while walking to the grocery store, on the bus to and from school, on my runs, while just strolling the boardwalk on an uneventful night- which is sort of often. They’re in all the time. I think it’s sort of a substitute for actual company. It’s a source of comfort, as music can change my mood from weary to optimistic in a moment. I can’t always rely on my roommates to babysit me every night so until I make some friends to hang out with semi-regularly it could be said that music has become a close friend of mine. (Haha WOWWWWW- how pathetic do I sound right now??? -It’s okay if you’re laughing at me, I’m laughing too. Praise The Lord, people, my sense of humor is still intact!!) I mean, I guess music is pretty important as I’m sure it’s something like a multi-trillion dollar industry. So, in conclusion, thank you, Music. For making me feel like I have a friend.

So I’m pretty stoked today I went to meet some people I met last weekend out for coffee today and it was fun! I may have some friends here. (Yeeee!) AND they’re Spanish! One of them speaks pretty good english, one about a medium amount and the other not quite as much, but still an impressive amount. It’s great because I can have a conversation, sort of, with each of them, despite the lack of a common first language. It’s pretty amazing how much you can communicate just by skirting around certain words you don’t know, or just by using your hands or facial expressions. So tonight, as I would say to someone who doesn’t speak much English when I am trying to be as basic as possible, I am happy. However, that is exactly how I feel. Soy contento. However I am also peacefully content at this moment, as I sit in the cafe next door to our house, with my cafe con leche y Jameson (I know, it’s a Tuesday night, and I’m out, drinking coffee, with booze. Who AM I?? …Haha. A Spaniard in training I suppose.) I’m next to my roommate who is blissfully content in his own world with his Coronita, listening to Spanish podcasts. Something I definitely need to do. I’m going to Seville this weekend with a new teacher friend from my school. I am definitely excited. I have PLANS! With Spanish people! In another city! A big city!! (yessssss, please somebody high-five me! NoW!) When we made the plans, in my head I was like, crap, Spanish podcasts 24/7 from now till Friday, STAT!

Another thing that made me happy today was the rain, today it’s been raining, in Garrucha! Who’d have thought my strange little paradise gets rain. And not only that but this evening right before I left for my run (which also was something new, running at night, since I didn’t have time to run this afternoon and shower before coffee I decided I’d go after, since we we’re meeting at 5, thinking, there’s no way I can have more than an hour’s worth to talk about to people that I don’t speak the same language as me. Apparently I was wrong, and how awesome is that? Anyways I thought I’d have enough time before the sun went down to run, but I didn’t so I went when it was dark along the boardwalk- don’t worry, plenty of people around) there was lightening, and then on my run it got bigger, with thunder!


I was out on the docks in the port, the water sparkling under the street and dock lamps, when the entire sky behind the mountains lit up, what a beautiful setting.

In this moment, I feel like I did in moments at home. Those moments when you just sit back and are happy with what you have. It’s nice to feel this way because I haven’t felt this way in awhile, and it’s not like I even felt this way allll the time at home, but I remember there were moments.

And despite the recent “peacefulness” I’ve felt written about in this blog, I can still be a selfish brat, and stomp around complaining about asinine shit that doesn’t matter. I’m still not 100% sure this is my path. I just don’t feel like I have a purpose here yet. I wish I did. But, I can’t have it all. And I’m happy right now, and that’s good enough.

I face-timed with some friends the other day, as it was a very special person in my life’s birthday, and it was SO NICE to talk to them, even if they were drunk over halloween. It just made my day. Things like that make me feel good, and connected to home and the loved ones in my life. I also got the most HI-LARIOUS email from another friend, I was laughing through most of it, and even teared up at the end. It was just really nice. She told me all the things I’d missed over halloween and it just makes me happy to hear about all my friends being together, having a good time and getting the play-by-play. Hearing the familiar is comforting.

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