Viva Sevilla!!

It’s Monday night in Garrucha, and last night I retuned home from an amazing weekend in Sevilla. This place this actually starting to feel like home (I know I’ve said this before but I’m still amazed) and even providing me a sense of comfort. Which is huge. I never thought I’d be saying this, and after only about a month. Crazy It’s nice to sit around with my roommates and be normal and feel comfortable. It actually feels mildly similar to how it used to back in Cali in my 19th street house. Not the same, but near there. And anyone who knows me knows I LOVED that house, I loved my roommates (still do), and loved being close to the beach. I loved my life there. I was very happy. And I’m starting to feel that sort of easy peaceful happiness again. I don’t feel like I’m being half babysat anymore when I hang out with my roommates, I feel like we’re actually friends now.

Anyways, SEVILLA! Sevilla kicks ass. I love it. It is so rich in culture and people who enjoy life. My friend J took me along to visit some friends, and on the car ride there she taught me this awesome word, “disfrutona.” It’s not a real word. Disfrutar means “to enjoy”, a disfrutona is basically one who enjoys life. I love that. And Sevilla is filled with them.

IMG_1670  IMG_1223


Even the drive there was beautiful, the scenery was rural, filled with farmlands, olive groves, mountains, hills and greens. I was so happy to be leaving for the weekend to a big city, I love big cities, and even the ride over was special. Probably partly because I was just so goddamned excited to get out of town and stretch my city girl legs!

   The first day we got there we met with her boyfriend (who could not have been nicer) who took us to this amazing authentic, old bar in Sevilla, the jamon and different meats were hanging from the ceiling and it was packed with people. He ordered us a type of wine I had never seen before, it was a bottle of white AND red wine that you mix together, and then a mix of all these different meats, cheeses and breads, and everything was SO GOOD! My new favorite cheese is poyoyo, que bueno!!

After he took us to another very old bar down the street, and this one was basically empty. But it had all these cool old black and white photos on the wall of bull fighters and flamenco bands from years past. The opposite walls were flanked by huge barrels where they made the wine. (SO COOL!) He apparently knew the old men who worked there, or probably owned the place. They made us these mixed wine drinks and we all sat around this big table where he played flamenco guitar, the old men sang, a couple danced, we smiled and clapped along, and I sat there with my jaw on the floor. Some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard.


And the rest of the weekend was equally fulfilling. On Saturday they took me to a cultural food festival where we sampled all these different foods from around the world, and then to the Plaza de Espana! And wow. It was such a special day. They made me close my eyes right outside and then lead me blind into the plaza. When I opened my eyes I could barely believe the grandiosity, I almost cried, it is that overwhelmingly beautiful. And to share the moment with such kind, “disfrutonas” was an incredible moment.


IMG_1469 IMG_1576

I have to talk about how amazing of a person my friend is who brought me to Sevilla. J knew that it would be a different experience for me to go with someone who is from Spain and she wanted to show me her life when she visits. Her family has a home there so she makes the 5 hour journey often. J is this beautiful, strong, smart Spanish woman. And she knows it, which to me makes her all the better. I may have hit the Spanish jackpot of friendship with this one. Despite our new friendship she made me feel at home during our trip, treating me like she would a regular friend, watching out for me and making sure I was comfortable but never overly fawning over me. It’s different in Spain. Everything feels easy.

IMG_1583 IMG_1385

I even tried flamenco dancing! Haha, which if you know how flamenco looks you’re probably laughing, because I don’t know how one does this dance without having a clue how to go about it, but I did! And it was great!

When we were at her boyfriends show on Saturday night, we were standing at the bar, and she looked around for some tall chairs but there were none, and she goes, matter-of-factly in her Spanish Sofia Vergara-ish accent (even though yes I know she’s from Columbia), “we are bedy beau-te-full, we should seet up high, so people can see.” And then she looks at me and just laughs!! As if to say, ‘Yes, I’m aware of what just came out of my mouth, but who cares!’ and then I couldn’t keep a straight face.

 IMG_1599 IMG_1638

Which brings me to another point. Spanish women don’t stuff their faces like I do back home. When I go out to eat with my girlfriends we CHOW DOWN. We literally talk about how we can’t wait to eat the entire sushi bar hours before we’re due to meet for dinner. And while yes, we love our sushi, there really is not a need to eat so much. Why not just taste everything like the women in Spain, take a break between bites to chat and stop when you’re full? Who says you have to eat it all? When we leave a few extra pieces of sushi roll on our plate it’s like, ‘wait, there’s still some left, we can’t let that go to waste!! There’s starving children in Africa!’ Like if we don’t waste the food it it’ll somehow make it okay that theres starving children in Africa. Haha and I’m not sure where the logic is in that. Spanish women take a bite, set their food down, talk a little, sip their wine, enjoy the moment. And then take a bite again. They’re not in a hurry, they take their time. Everything is to be enjoyed here, not just consumed.



Thank you J & J for having me, I had an amazing time. 🙂

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