Hey thanks for reading my blog!

So I think I’ve finally got juuust enough people reading this thing to warrant a real ‘about’ section. Even if I don’t, whatever! I began writing this before I left for Spain, in summer 2013, back when I didn’t even think I had anything to say. So with the encouragement of my amazing roommate at the time, talented photographer and blogging genius, Megan, I gave it a go. I remember writing my first post, sitting on my bed, in our apartment just a few blocks from the beach on 19th street, clicking away at the keyboard until well after 2 in the morning and realizing, “Woo! Apparently I do have a lot to say!”

I appreciate you taking the time to read this, because my writing has evolved from moving-to-Spain-documentation to very personal entries that come from my core. I just write whats in my head. But I’ve had to grow some major cajones to share these.

While I intended for this blog to be about my move abroad and my travels, to remember every trip and every detail, that’s not what this has turned into. While I love to talk about my travels (who doesn’t?) I’ve often times found it’s too difficult to explain and I wind up frustrated. When you fall in love with life words never seem to satisfy.

So, I have found that I prefer more to keep more of my memories to myself and share all the rest instead. My thoughts on life, love, food, whatever.

Please feel free, if not encouraged, to drop me a line. I love to hear your thoughts.

Enjoy 🙂


IMG_1472There’s me, happy as a goddamn clam in Sevilla. 🙂

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